Development & Technologies organisation at OP Financial Group

Development & Technologies develops services and systems for other segments within OP Financial Group and for OP Financial Group's customers. We are responsible for ICT strategy, technology policy and architecture at OP. We take care of shared platforms, infrastructure, and cyber security at OP Financial Group. We provide secure services for customers of OP Financial Group and help our employees focus on their core work. We are responsible for managing one of the largest pools of data capital in Finland and for using it to develop financial intelligence and other technologies.

There are about 4,500 ICT professionals working in the Development & Technologies segment, 1,100 of whom are employed with OP. Our organisation has a genuine drive to improve and innovate. We have a people-first approach to the work we do for the benefit of our owner-customers. 

Career development and learning

We believe in investing in the professional development of our employees and offer a diverse variety of career paths. In 2020, we adopted the five-step OP Specialist Career model, which is designed to support employees’ professional development as experts. It offers an alternative to the traditional way of seeing career advancement through managerial duties and promotions. As an OP employee, you can set your own area of expertise with your supervisor and identify which skills you need to take to the next step as a professional. 

70/20/10 Model  

We use the 70/20/10 model for learning and development. In the model, working hours are divided as follows: 

70% on daily assignments 

20% on developing work methods to improve efficiency 

10% on competence development and learning new. 

In other words, as an OP employee, you get to use 10% of your daily hours to study topics such as cloud services, business studies or a new programming language. At OP, learning and professional development are a major part of our work to help make daily tasks more efficient and meaningful. 

OP Software Academy 

OP Software Academy is OP’s in-house competence development centre. It offers courses that allow you to expand your skills or try out a totally new area of technology. Most courses are designed to fit into the competence development section of the 70/20/10 model, meaning that you can complete them while during working hours! 

Career opportunities

At OP, you get to be a part of developing services used by millions of people in Finland. We offer opportunities for varied assignments with both new and established technologies. We are one of Finland’s largest software firms and also offer career paths in cyber security, software development, and data management. Positions offered by OP include Solution Analyst, Reliability Engineer, Test Engineer, Product Owner, Developer and Data Scientist

The journey of change involves the entire company and every employee

There’s an enormous number of interesting things happening at OP. The changes in finance and our own operational culture require all of us at OP to keep an open mind, continuously develop our expertise, navigate the latest trends in technology and have the courage to observe and have an impact on our shared working methods.

Read what Jyrki, Sirkku and Jaakko have to say about their work in development:

‘The work that I do has an impact on that done by many other people. I get to be involved in the early stages of projects, when the major strategics decisions are made, and have the opportunity to think about the bigger picture. I’ve seen my own expertise develop massively not only in a technological sense, but also in terms of the economics and management aspects of this line of work.”

Jyrki Puttonen, Product Owner

“I have always been allowed to be my curious self and grasp new kinds of opportunities. My current role as a developer of expertise is a new one for our tribe. My job is to maintain our expertise and develop it now and in the future.”

Sirkku Ikäheimo, Competence Lead

“My team’s skills, motivation, commitment and shared sense of humour inspire me most as a team leader. It’s a privilege for me to be involved in the building of Finland’s best and fastest chatbot for our banking customers.”

Jaakko Sävilammi, Chapter Lead

Choose the beginning of your career path at OP here

Were you inspired to apply for a job with us? Read more about the roles suitable for you below.

Want to become a Developer at OP?

What if you could be coding everyday solutions for up to a million monthly users – maybe even yourself? What if you did it as part of a self-managed and autonomous team that codes to fulfil a joint customer promise?

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Want to become an Agile Coach at OP?

Are you an expert of the agile operational model? Have you been waiting for a chance to experience how agility as a genuine part of the daily activities of a large corporation really changes the fulfilling of customer promises and revolutionises productivity and the employee experience?

Get to know the Agile Coach’s world at OP and check out our vacancies!

Want to become a Data Scientist at OP?

Are you interested in modern cloud and data storage solutions that enable new innovations? Do Big Data, cloud analytics and machine learning excite you? What if you could do all of this as part of an agile, autonomous and skilled team?

Get to know the world of data and check out our vacancies!

Do you want to become a Designer at OP?

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? A step that would enable you to concentrate on creating deep customer understanding and creating value on a long term basis? Here at OP, we highly value the customer-oriented way of thinking that is embedded in our everyday development work.

Read about our Designers’ everyday work and apply today.

This is what your daily life at OP could look and feel like

OP is constructing its own agile operational model. Teams and tribes are essential for the new model, and leadership will become more and more like coaching. The teams decide how they work and reach their goals.

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With us, you can build services and products that are used by our more than four million customers. Check out our projects and our way of working here.

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Having made the leap from a consultant to a Senior Developer, Nina Niskanen appreciates OP’s agile work culture, which constantly seeks to do things better.

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Title Region/Area Location Business Segment
Lead Developer, Genesys Cloud
Lead Developer, Genesys Cloud Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
UX Designer (Helsinki tai Oulu)
UX Designer (Helsinki tai Oulu) Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Lead Developer, käyttövaltuushallinta/asiakirjahallinta 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Backend Developer (Java, AWS), API Solutions 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Head of Data Governance
Head of Data Governance Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Solution Analyst, viranomaisraportointi
Solution Analyst, viranomaisraportointi Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
System Product Owner, vakuutuksen järjestelmät 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
System Product Owner, Henkilöasiakasrahoitus ja asumisen palvelut 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Senior Solution Analyst, Talousrikollisuuden torjunta 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Data Analyst, SAP Taloushallinto
Data Analyst, SAP Taloushallinto Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Data Architect, Enterprise Architecture
Data Architect, Enterprise Architecture Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Tech Lead, IT Infrastucture (Helsinki/Oulu) 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Cyber Security-asiantuntija
Cyber Security-asiantuntija Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Tech Lead, Tiedonhallinta
Tech Lead, Tiedonhallinta Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Guidewire Software Architect/Lead Developer 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Open application, Software Developer positions (Helsinki) 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI Tuote- ja palvelukehitys
Open application, Software Developer positions (Oulu) 14 Pohjois-Pohjanmaa Oulu, FI Tuote- ja palvelukehitys
SAS Developer, Anti-Money Laundering, CDD Risk Model 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI Tuote- ja palvelukehitys
Solution Analyst, Genesys Cloud
Solution Analyst, Genesys Cloud Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
IT-palveluhallinnan asiantuntija
IT-palveluhallinnan asiantuntija Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Solution Analyst, Subledger Development - SAP FPSL 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Guidewire Lead Developer
Guidewire Lead Developer Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Solution Analyst, henkivakuuttamisen alustauudistus 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Sääntelyasiantuntija tai -päällikkö 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI Tuote- ja palvelukehitys