Why choose a career in credit risk modelling

Credit risk modelling is at the core of managing credit risks. The aim of credit risk management is to ensure that the lender’s risk and return are in balance and the amount of capital is sufficient in all circumstances.

Besides statistical modelling and data analytics, credit risk modelling also involves a great deal of cooperation within the organisation. In practice, the work offers varied tasks and a self-managed approach.

Risk modelling at OP Financial Group

As part of OP’s risk modelling team, you are involved in the bank’s risk management in an inspiring work environment.

We are a young and international team from different backgrounds and use English as our working language. Our team is the largest credit risk modelling unit in Finland, and you’ll be working with the most experienced professionals in the country. We value each other’s professionalism and invest in our employees’ career development. As a major financial institution, OP Financial Group offers a wide range of career opportunities in risk management and the financial sector in general.

OP Financial Group is among the first banks in Europe to have adopted an agile and self-managed method. In terms of risk modelling, this means a self-managed and transparent approach to tasks, high quality of work and responsibility for the results. We also strive for efficiency and focus only on the essential. We are also constantly developing our work methods and invest in automation.

Our work is varied and requires the ability to manage complex problems. We want to understand the phenomena behind data, analyses and models to ensure that our results are applicable in the intended use. We train our experts to be multitalented risk modelling professionals who understand business and are able to communicate credit risk models clearly.

Working at OP

Our vision is to be the most attractive employer in the financial sector, and we understand that life is about more than just work. It is important for us that work and life are in balance and, as an employer, we are prepared to be flexible in different situations in life. We take pride in the fact that in OP's internal surveys, our employees frequently list the work community and coworkers as the best aspects of their work. Our employee benefits also include banking, insurance and loan services with special terms and conditions for employees.

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“We all share the desire to learn, grow and develop our work.”

Meet Christoffer Härus, Risk Analyst

. “This job is the right fit for someone who has a problem-solving mind and who enjoys analytical work but also communicating with different stakeholders.”

Meet Xiaoyuan Li, Senior Risk Analyst

“OP invests in professional development and provides opportunities for learning new tasks depending on our interests in both the long and short term.”

Meet Jimi Ranimäki, Risk Analyst