As a developer, you can have an impact on the everyday life of millions of people

What if you could be coding everyday solutions for up to a million monthly users – maybe even yourself? What if you could be doing it as part of a self-managed and autonomous team that codes to fulfil a joint customer promise? If you want to make a difference and be at the forefront of FinTech in Finland, apply for vacancies at OP below.


As a software developer at OP you make a difference – also in your own everyday life

To make a difference in the everyday life of millions of users, you need a job that encourages you to develop. In early 2019, we at OP started on a journey of change towards becoming an agile organisation. The cultural change does not only involve development but the entire organisation. For you as a software developer, this means major opportunities to develop and make a difference, work that is both smooth and challenging and taking pride in the services built together:

What our developers say about us and what it’s like to work at OP? 

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“My team and I are currently developing a wealth building planner for office staff. I discovered that the app had features that were actually more related to decision-making than investment planning. I mentioned this to my team and they agreed, and we are now just about to start introducing the changes that I suggested.” 

Oskari Johansson, Developer

“I like SAS software because it retains its logic and efficiency even in the face of large quantities of data. I find that SAS services are able to deal with many of the challenges that are stumbling blocks for other products. The fact that OP uses SAS to such a large extent is no accident – other products simply cannot compete.”

Toni Vesa, Lead Developer

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Your work and challenges as a software developer at OP could look like this

Read the story of Lead Developer Sanna Ruusunen and OP’s journey and Sanna’s simple recipe for enjoying work and succeeding in her career. 

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How was the digital home loan application service Digiluotto made from the point of view of a developer? Not by maintaining an old system but by developing a new and unique banking service using modern methods.

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OP Koti is a cloud-based service created using the latest tools and offering data and customer-driven service for customers facing major life decisions. Read how the team developing OP Koti work and fulfil their customer promise.

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