Interested in becoming a developer at OP Financial Group?

Do you want to develop apps that are used by as many as a million people every month? Would you like to work with a versatile selection of technologies as part of a self-managed and autonomous team? If you are interested, learn more about OP and our vacancies on this page!

Exciting technologies

OP makes extensive use of both new and established technologies. Typical tools at OP include Java, React, containers and AWS, but we always choose our tools depending on the task at hand.

Diverse assignments and interesting career paths

Our broad range of operations includes mobile apps, APIs, machine learning, data security and much more. When you want to take the next step in your career, we will offer a suitable assignment – whether in your own area of expertise or something totally new.  

Professional development

We use the 70/20/10 model that guarantees that 10% of your working hours are used for learning new. You can use this time to develop your competence in the many topics taught at OP Software Academy, for example. In other words, you get to build your skills while at work!

Peer learning in chapters

At OP, professionals in your area of expertise get together regularly to share their skills and experiences in chapters. In chapters, you have the chance to network outside your team and learn about new trends.

Modern remote work policies

Teams are free to agree on work practices based on guidelines by OP Financial Group and the organisation. A hybrid model that combines remote and in-office work is standard practice today. Note that due to regulatory requirements, certain assignments cannot be done remotely.

Excellent employee benefits

In addition to a competitive salary, you get discounts on OP banking and insurance services, among other benefits.

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Varvana Myllärniemi, Tech Lead



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Fayjus Salehin, Developer

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Pekka Hirvonen, Developer

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