OP as an employer

We want to be Finland's leading and most attractive financial-sector employer with a corporate culture driven by our core values: a People-first approach, Responsibility and Prospering together. These core values have enabled our cooperative success through decades and they will also form the cornerstone of our future corporate culture.

At the same time we consider change as a thoroughly positive, inevitable and inspiring phenomenon. We think change should not only be tolerated but also embraced as a core of all that we do. This forms another equally strong cornerstone of our corporate culture: boldness.

Reinvention requires that supervisors and employees are bold enough to live in accordance with their core values, today and tomorrow.

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Unparalleled management

OP wants to provide its customers with the best customer experience. The most important key to success on this journey is employee experience – in other words, the mood that OP employees are in when they work, meet customers and build OP of the future. Management plays a key role in all this. That is why we are committed to building OP’s management style ambitiously, so that it will become a benchmark across industry boundaries! With excellent management we will ensure an excellent employee experience and customer satisfaction, regardless of when and in which channel the customers connect with OP.

At OP, supervisors do not distribute instructions or orders. We are creating a culture where individuals and teams are building OP of the future in a self-managed manner, based on a shared vision. OP’s management culture is actually based on core values, complete openness and agility, which means utilising every OP employee’s best possible competence. An OP supervisor is characterised by the desire to hear what you think is the best way to take things forward and to make it possible for you to succeed.

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OP Financial Group's benefits

OP's typical employee benefits include occupational health care, lunch benefit, support to leisure activities, parental leave, pension benefits, discounts on banking and insurance services and supplementary insurance covering occupational accidents and occupational diseases.