Innovations and development at OP

What if you could be involved in creating services that have as many as a million monthly users? What if you could work in a community that wants to live and breathe future and agility? In our view, radical reinvention is the only way for a 100-year-old company to ensure another century of success. That is why we at OP are creating a technology house and a workplace and culture where you can develop, innovate, grow and influence.

The journey of change involves the entire company and every employee

There’s an enormous number of interesting things happening at OP. The changes in finance and our own operational culture require all of us at OP to keep an open mind, continuously develop our expertise, navigate the latest trends in technology and have the courage to observe and have an impact on our shared working methods.

Read what Jyrki, Sirkku and Jaakko have to say about their work in development:

“My work is affecting a lot on other people's work. I'm involved from the beginning in planning different projects and I have an opportunity to think about how to approach large entities. My own competencies have developed considerably not only on the technical side but also on how to handle financial and administrative tasks.”

Jyrki Puttonen, Product Owner

“I have always been allowed to be my curious self and grasp new kinds of opportunities. My current role as a developer of expertise is a new one for our tribe. My job is to maintain our expertise and develop it now and in the future.”

Sirkku Ikäheimo, Competence Lead

“My team’s skills, motivation, commitment and shared sense of humour inspire me most as a team leader. It’s a privilege for me to be involved in the building of Finland’s best and fastest chatbot for our banking customers.”

Jaakko Sävilammi, Chapter Lead

Choose the beginning of your career path at OP here

Were you inspired to apply for a job with us? Read more about the roles suitable for you below.

Want to become a developer at OP?

What if you could be coding everyday solutions for up to a million monthly users – maybe even yourself? What if you did it as part of a self-managed and autonomous team that codes to fulfil a joint customer promise?

Get to know the developer’s world at OP and check out our vacancies!

Want to become an agile coach at OP?

Are you an expert of the agile operational model? Have you been waiting for a chance to experience how agility as a genuine part of the daily activities of a large corporation really changes the fulfilling of customer promises and revolutionises productivity and the employee experience?

Get to know the agile coach’s world at OP and check out our vacancies!

Want to become a data scientist at OP?

Are you interested in modern cloud and data storage solutions that enable new innovations? Do Big Data, cloud analytics and machine learning excite you? What if you could do all of this as part of an agile, autonomous and skilled team?

Get to know the world of data and check out our vacancies!

Do you want to become a Designer at OP?

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? A step that would enable you to concentrate on creating deep customer understanding and creating value on a long term basis? Here at OP, we highly value the customer-oriented way of thinking that is embedded in our everyday development work.

Read about our Designers’ everyday work and apply today.

This is what your daily life at OP could look and feel like

OP is constructing its own agile operational model. Teams and tribes are essential for the new model, and leadership will become more and more like coaching. The teams decide how they work and reach their goals.

Read an article about OP’s agile operational model >>

With us, you can build services and products that are used by our more than four million customers. Check out our projects and our way of working here.

Projects and working at OP >>

Agile restructuring driven by DevOps and a committed organisation. 

Read what is DevOps and what is its impact on OP >>

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Title Region/Area Location Business Segment
Product Owner, Ajoneuvovakuuttamisen ratkaisut 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI Tuote- ja palvelukehitys
Solution Analyst, Kriisinratkaisuraportointi (SRB) 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI Tuote- ja palvelukehitys
Developer, vakavaraisuuslaskenta
Developer, vakavaraisuuslaskenta Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI Tuote- ja palvelukehitys
Product Owner, maksamisen palvelut
Product Owner, maksamisen palvelut Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI Tuote- ja palvelukehitys
Business Developer, Arjen talous, Digimyynti 18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI Tuote- ja palvelukehitys
Lead Developer, Java & React
Lead Developer, Java & React Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI Products and services development
Tech Lead, DevOps Coach
Tech Lead, DevOps Coach Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI ICT
Lead Developer, System Transformation
Lead Developer, System Transformation Helsinki, FI 18 Uusimaa
18 Uusimaa Helsinki, FI Products and services development