Want to become an OP agile coach, one of our pioneers?

Are you an expert of the agile operational model? Have you been waiting for a chance to experience how agility as a genuine part of the daily activities of a large corporation really changes the fulfilling of customer promises and revolutionises productivity and the employee experience? We are looking for you to join us in developing today’s banking services and an agile culture, the likes of which have never been seen in Finland at the enterprise level.

Want to become part of a community that wants to live and breath agility?

At the beginning of 2019, we set out on a journey of change towards an agile culture in the entire organisation in Finland. We are not even close to completing the journey yet, but by embarking on it you will have the best opportunity to succeed as an agile coach. You will be surrounded by a community that wants to live and breathe agility all the way from the management team down to each individual member of each tribe and team. You will be building the agile coach community together with Sami and Ari-Pekka, for example:

“OP’s management is dedicated to seeing through an agile change, and as agile coaches, we can make a real difference. I can also highlight my strengths, such as conversational skills, opening thought blocks and helping others to come up with insights.”

Sami Luoma, Agile Coach

“My background is as an agile coach and occupational psychologist. At OP, I can use all of my skills for things that I’m interested in. The success of agile change is dependent on support at all levels of the organisation, including resources.”

Ari-Pekka Skarp, Agile Coach


"Innostun työssäni ihmiskohtaamisista, valmentavasta roolistani ja luovasta ongelmanratkaisusta. Ohjaan, opastan ja mentoroin heimoa sekä tiimejä kohti OP Ketterän tuomia uusia toimintatapoja ja kulttuuria."

Taina Suihkonen, Agile Coach

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Agile Coach Ari-Pekka Skarp came to OP in the middle of an organisational change. Skarp’s background as an occupational psychologist brings valuable human skills to an agile organisation.

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OP is constructing its own agile operational model. Teams and tribes are essential for the new model, and leadership will become more and more like coaching. The teams decide how they work and reach their goals.

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We don’t often run across stories of failure. Still, an agile team’s successes may often be the result of a failed experiment. At its best, the process can make the entire organisation better. OP’s Agile Coach Sami Luoma writes about failure on our blog.

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