Thesis/final report work

We provide thesis/final report opportunities in the central cooperative and in local OP cooperative banks. You can ask them directly about the needs they have.

Concerning thesis/final report opportunities in the central cooperative, please send your application via the application link below. We process applications once a month, so please send your application well in advance before the planned starting date of the job. Please enclose your CV, preliminary research plan and schedule in your application. The more clearly you can specify your research subject, the more effectively we can assess thesis/final report opportunities for you. 

We will contact you about further measures, if any. We are unfortunately unable to provide all applicants with the opportunity for thesis/final report work.


As a rule, the central cooperative provides students with internship positions in the form of summer jobs and trainee jobs. You will get an excellent start to your career supported by experienced co-workers in Finland’s most attractive financial services company. You can find additional information on the job opportunities and the periods for application on our summer recruitment site and OP Kiitorata site.

You can also ask about summer jobs and internship positions directly at local OP cooperative banks.