Want to become a designer in OP’s customer-focused corporate culture?

Are you looking for a new step in your career which enables you to concentrate on creating deep customer understanding and long-term value generation? Design thinking has become a self-evident part of all our development work at OP – after all, we are a company owned by our customers. To us, the customer value of our services is the most important goal. For this reason, we deeply appreciate our designers and their efforts towards integrating design thinking to form an integral part of our corporate culture. Thanks to that, a whole multi-disciplinary design thinker community is now waiting for you at OP.

A job combining freedom, impact and an ambitious customer promise

At the beginning of 2019, we started a change journey, covering the entire organisation, towards Enterprise Agile. At the same time, we also transformed our employee experience. Nowadays, self-managed, multi-disciplinary teams have freedom and responsibility. In these teams, the work is smooth, rewarding and produces results. What’s most inspiring is that these teams provide millions of people with excellent services for their everyday life. Let’s hear from our designers Netta, Petri and Sanna.

“Six months ago I was looking for a job where design thinking is a strategic policy, and not something that you have to fight for. As a former team sports athlete I was also hoping that a team would form the basis of my work. OP has been precisely everything I could have asked for of a workplace. As a person, I am open-minded and easily excited. Already after six months I have been involved in unbelievably many interesting projects.”

Netta Siltanen, Service Designer


“OP emphasises customer perspective heavily, which makes my work as a designer rewarding. I get to design customer-driven services that affect the lives of millions of people. We work together a lot as agile teams. According to my experience, OP as a workplace brings the most joy to those who enjoy multi-disciplinary interaction.”

Petri Soini, Concept Designer


“OP is a pioneer in financial industry transformation. I’ve been working in the industry for a long time, and I appreciate the fact that OP has adopted design thinking throughout the organisation. I’ve been able to engage in versatile cooperation, which has enriched my competency. We innovate and develop interesting digital services that are part of the everyday life of many people in Finland.”

Sanna Isotalo, UX Designer


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UX Designer Heli Jeskanen’s career has taken her from studies in marketing to concept designer, and onwards to user experience expert. At the moment, Heli and her team are working on the most interesting project of Heli’s career, OP Accessible.

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Customer-orientation is OP’s key strategic policy, and design thinking has therefore become an integral part of our culture. At the beginning of 2019, we started our journey of change, covering the entire organisation, towards Enterprise Agile and a new mindset.

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Service Designer Natalie Söderlund joined OP four years ago. She has been furthering the integration of design thinking into OP’s corporate culture and achieved a lot. In her everyday work, Natalie encounters people and brings joy through service design.

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