Are you interested in derivatives, currencies, equities or bonds? We have summer jobs in various markets in the customer interface, reporting and back office duties. We are seeking summer employees for a range of duties: derivatives and currency sales, equity and debt issues, trading, quantitative analysis and programming, accounting, risk management and back office.

We require applicants to have completed higher education courses and a keen interest in the financial sector. Please specify in your application in which area you are interested and how your competences help you be successful in the job. Please include a transcript of records of your studies in the application.

Career story

“I had high expectations of my new summer job, because I had landed a job that I was genuinely interested in and I was for the first time able to get valuable work experience in a field that I wanted to work in also in the future.

My work was pretty much what I expected it to be and what my supervisor had told it would be like. A comprehensive induction period prepared me well for my work, which consisted of guarantee management, daily work with OTC derivatives (such as managing payment transactions and confirming sales) and what they called settlement (sorting out deviations), and contacting customers. There were also many other duties, and especially the ends and beginnings of each month contained a variety of things to do.

The versatility of the work created challenges for me, and this is what I think benefited me most. Overcoming these challenges and the feeling of success afterwards were fine moments that I can still remember. The fact that my input was acknowledged and I was praised for my work brought a smile on my face. It was also brilliant bonus to me to receive a part-time job at the end of the summer.”

Patrik, Securities Officer – summer trainee