Legal Services

Legal trainees have a range of jobs in banking, wealth management, non-life insurance and collection services. Our Legal Services function offers legal support to OP Financial Group’s businesses and management. The Collection Services function offers collection services to the Group’s various business operations.

Career stories

“I wanted more work experience in the financial industry, and I was interested in working in a large organisation, so I decided to apply for a summer job with OP. Besides the valuable work experience, I was also attracted by the extensive career opportunities within OP.

My summer job duties had to do with mainly data retrieval and drawing up various documents. I got to work with lawyers representing different legal fields, so my job description was very versatile. However, I could also have a say in my duties based on my interests and competence.

My duties were interesting, but what I most liked about my job was definitely the relaxed atmosphere and a good team spirit, which is why I always enjoyed coming to work. Summer workers and other trainees were well embraced as part of the team. I earned credit for my work and it felt like I could really be useful. It was also really interesting in seeing the various duties that lawyers have at OP.

Above all, summer workers are expected to show initiative, and to have an open mind and a desire to learn new things. As a whole, my summer at OP was a motivating learning experience. Luckily, I was offered the opportunity to continue as a part-time employee after the summer.”

Juulia, Lawyer Trainee / Banking Legal Services


“I had been working at an OP cooperative bank branch for quite a while, until I started my law studies and transferred to OP’s Legal Services department to work with duties relevant to my field. In summer 2018, I worked as a trainee lawyer as part of a team of both lawyers and experts. Our team gave Group-level advice to OP cooperative banks related, for example, to drawing up orders for legal services, taxation and other legal questions. In the duties in question, I could further develop the tools necessary for a lawyer, such as legal data retrieval and legal interpretation skills.  However, the duties did not only include what is generally thought of as typical lawyer work, because our team’s responsibilities also included, for example, coaching on legal matters and the development of new (including digital) legal services.

The best things about my job were definitely the responsibility I had and a great cooperation with my team.  It was motivating to be given real responsibility already as a summer worker, and to work with lawyer duties independently. In this job, learning by doing is truly the best way to go. Lawyer work can often be very independent, but we also sparred cases and further development ideas, either with a lawyer or with the entire team. With the entire team’s effort and competence, we were able to achieve the most comprehensive solutions for legal problems. Of course, an added bonus was that I could acquire more legal competence.  Moreover, it was great to be able to work as a member of a smaller team, where each person’s work carried a large weight, and you were able to make a real difference. The shared team projects were my most memorable summer experience. You were able to see your own and the team’s effort, from brainstorming to practical implementation.

My period as a lawyer trainee was definitely the most meaningful and rewarding summer job I have had so far. The work was genuinely inspiring, meaningful and developing. It was very motivating to be able to perform challenging and responsible duties with a relaxed, excited touch, together with a fantastic team.

I would definitely recommend that you apply for a summer job with OP’s Legal Services, if the following description matches you:

  • You are motivated by learning new things and developing yourself continuously
  • You are not afraid to commit yourself and work hard
  • You want to experience what it is like to work as a lawyer in the financial industry”

Katariina, Lawyer Trainee / OP Legal Services