Development & Technologies

Development and technologies summer jobs enables you to see how the services of tomorrow are developed in a customer-oriented way. We invest in developing new things and maintaining existing services, so we have a range of jobs to choose from.

You will be able to see from close range how we build services that make our customers’ lives easier!

Career story

“A summer job as a robot developer was the most interesting job I could find; in fact, it seemed like something I could even do during my free time.

My job was to develop various functions of a robot. The work had many aspects, and I was able to take part in each phase of the development, from new ideas to final implementation. I was part of a tightly-knit and rather small team that received me really well. If there was something I did not understand or know how to do, there was always a helpful co-worker to give me a hand.

During the summer, I learned about many technological and development solutions which were new to me and which will surely stand me in good stead. I learned how software development occurs in a real work environment and had a chance to improve my skills in many ways. I got many new angles about the different areas of software development from my very competent co-workers.

An OP summer employee should first and foremost be interested in learning new things. I recommend OP as an employer for a summer, because the atmosphere is nice and relaxed, and you have good opportunities to improve your competences.”

Ville, Junior Robot Developer