Competence development at OP Financial Group

We invest in our employees' learning and development at work. We want each OP employee to discover their own path to growth and development. We support this with various opportunities such as encouraging internal career moves, the 70:20:10 model and the OP Software Academy.

What is the 70:20:10 model?

70:20:10 is a common concept for competence development used by different organizations worldwide. Its purpose is to support the daily work and meaningfulness of everyone's skills, as well as expanding and deepening personal expertise. At OP, the 70:20:10 model is a tool that every team can adapt to their daily routines. The model helps distribute work so that each aspect of daily work, improvement, and new learning has its own time slot. According to the model, work time can be divided as follows:

  • 70% on daily tasks
  • 20% on developing work methods to improve efficiency
  • 10% on competence development, experiments and learning

OP Software Academy – OP’s One-stop shop for strategic technology competence development

At OP Financial Group, we want to discover even more efficient and diverse learning methods for our personnel. For this reason, OP employees have had the opportunity to study and develop their competence at OP's own Software Academy since 2019.

OP Software Academy offers learning opportunities for OP employees who want to develop their technology and business expertise. Students can deepen their existing expertise or pick up an entirely new subject from the Academy's wide range of courses. At Software Academy, everyone is free to learn in their own way and the course structure varies from pre-defined self-study paths to small groups mentored by OP's own specialists.  

Software Academy’s courses help OP employees to systematically and continuously deepen their competencies.

What is an average day like at the Academy?

What is it like to be a mentor at the OP Software Academy? Expert System Test Engineer Mikko Paloheimo shares his experiences as a mentor in the Quality Assurance tower. 

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