Application period for credit risk modelling programme has ended.

What is credit risk modelling?

Credit risk modelling is at the core of managing credit risks. Credit risk management, in turn, is a key part of the banking business. Its aim is to ensure that the lender's risks are balanced with returns and that the amount of capital is sufficient under all circumstances. Credit risks are modelled for both individual contracts and customers and at the portfolio level. The models are used to predict credit losses under normal circumstances and, in particular, in exceptional crisis situations and stress scenarios.

What is it like to work in credit risk modelling?

"I didn't know much about credit risk modeling beforehand, but through the recruiting training program, I learned a lot about the topic and became part of the community. After finishing the program, I got to continue working as a Risk Analyst. For this, the training provided a smooth transition and a solid foundation."  

-Maria Wang, Risk Analyst 


“OP is a unique employer where talents with various expertise work together. In credit risk models, we work with experts on cloud platforms, loan products, legal affairs, etc. It gives a unique experience to learn and share different topics. Us team members work closely together and help each other. We have an open communication culture and always provide constructive feedback.” 

- Xiaoyuan Li, Chief Risk Analyst


“I started at OP as a summer trainee, and my role has developed a lot in a few years - now I work as a Lead Analyst. My career advancement has been speedy and I've quickly gained a lot of new responsibilities and exciting tasks.”   

-Jimi Ranimäki, Risk Analyst 

About the recruiting training programme

The goal of the programme is to train you to become a professional in credit risk modelling.

 During the programme, you will learn about what it means to be a credit risk modeller and the role of credit risk modelling in risk management and banking. You will also have the chance to develop your expertise with the support of our professionals. Your expertise will focus especially on portfolio-level modelling and stress testing. The training is provided by OP's credit risk modelling experts, whose experience of the field and subject matter is unrivalled in Finland.

 The training programme is nine months long from 1 December 2023 to 31 August 2024.  It is possible to attend the programme full-time or part-time alongside your studies. In the summer, part-time attendees also have the option to work full-time.

 Our goal is that after completing the programme successfully, you will join our team as a full-time employee.

Who is the training for?

The programme is suitable for recently or nearly graduated master's and doctoral students with a background in studies such as mathematics, statistics, physics, economics or data sciences.  We expect participants in the training programme to be interested in banking and credit risk management and modelling.

A desire to understand the modelled phenomena and good skills in statistical mathematics will help you succeed in the training programme and as a risk modelling specialist. Credit risk modelling includes collecting and analysing data as well as modelling using statistical methods and expertise. In our work, we use SQL, R and Python and expect applicants to be familiar with and interested in these languages.

Credit risk modelling at OP Financial Group

As part of OP's credit risk modelling team, you are involved in the bank's risk management in an inspiring work environment. Our work is varied, self-managed and involves plenty of cooperation with different stakeholders.

We are an international team from different backgrounds and use English as our working language. Our team is the largest credit risk modelling unit in Finland, and you’ll be working with the most experienced professionals in the country. We value each other’s professionalism and invest in our experts' career development. As a major financial institution, OP Financial Group offers a wide range of career opportunities, both in risk management and the financial sector in general.

At OP Financial Group, our work is directed by the agile method, which means a self-managed and transparent approach and taking responsibility for our work's results. We are also constantly developing our work methods and invest in automation.

Working at OP Financial Group

Our vision is to be the most attractive employer in the financial sector, and we understand that life is about more than just work. It is important for us that work and life are in balance and, as an employer, we are prepared to be flexible in different situations in life. Our employees frequently list the work community and coworkers as the best aspects of their work.

Our employee benefits include banking, insurance and loan services with special terms and conditions for employees.