Software Developer Fayjus Salehin creates a smoother customer experience through cloud development

Fayjus Salehin enjoys the sense of purpose he gets from working at OP. "The best thing about my job is knowing that it has meaning. With my work, I contribute to an improved customer experience; that way, I can directly impact how people perceive the company." 

Connecting 120 years of tradition with modern engineering culture

When Fayjus started at OP in 2021, he was surprised to discover that his job entailed very few limitations. With a history as a front-end developer in e-commerce, he was used to having his work restricted to front-end-related assignments. At OP, he gets to be a full-stack developer with a broad task spectrum and the possibility to focus on what he finds exciting and supportive of his input.

"In my job, I don't only focus on one specific thing since my job description is extensive; I work with cloud development and integrations and do investigative work while constantly improving my skills. I love that my job is challenging and never gets boring." 

According to Fayjus, it feels like he's working for an ordinary software company instead of a 120-year-old financial corporation, and this is because of OP's modern tech stack and engineering culture. The cultural reputation had preceded itself before he ever considered applying.  

"OP always seemed very attractive from the outside, and I felt it had a good reputation within the developer community. I think the company markets itself very well regarding its great engineering culture and the possibilities for professional growth. When I started working here, I discovered it was all true."

Taking Genesys to the cloud

When a customer contacts OP's customer service, it happens through the systems that Fayjus manages together with his Genesys team. 

"Our responsibility is to ensure that OP's customer service agents can do their job as smoothly as possible, resulting in an enjoyable customer experience for the end-user. We deliver all kinds of data through multiple channels and design and develop solutions for the customer experience platforms Genesys Engage and the new-generation Genesys Cloud."

To know the exact business needs and how to translate them into the platforms, the Genesys team is in close collaboration with the customer service agents. Fayjus's main tasks are to answer these needs by building features and integrations in the systems, primarily Genesys Cloud. The team's common goal is to continuously move more of OP's businesses out of Engage and into the cloud to streamline the customer service processes. 

Learning AWS can be fun and games

Before joining OP, Fayjus had only some knowledge of cloud platforms. Now he's growing as a cloud developer through his daily work with different technologies, specifically AWS. This year, his personal career goal is to become an AWS Certified Developer by completing the AWS Associate examination, which is provided by OP's in-house competence development centre, Software Academy. Fayjus describes the study modules at the academy as so systematic and well-planned that they live up to the courses you take at university. Thanks to OP's 70:20:10 model, he can use 10 % of his working time for professional learning and development at the academy or any other way he chooses.

In addition to the academy, Fayjus points out other fun and creative means for professional growth, for example, AWS Game Day. Last, when it was organised at OP, Fayjus and his team ended up winning the whole competition. Quite a memorable way to grow as a professional!