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Lead Developer, Java & React

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Date: 27-Oct-2020

Location: Helsinki, FI

Company: OP Ryhmä

Isn’t it about time to join and lead a team of already advanced and experienced developers? You'll get to CODE, as much as possible (Java, React), and the rest of your time will be spent on microservices in AWS, modern architectural design, and mentoring others. This is it!
OP’s DevOps culture:
First we were the iconic Finnish banking and insurance brand (for a century). Then we embarked upon an ambitious company-wide Agile transformation. Now three years into this OP Ketterä, we have had an army of consultants testing and measuring our software delivery performance, our team performance, maturity metrics, the tools we’re using, and how this and we are all working together. The result? Our organization wide maturity assessment puts us at the top of DevOps & Agile transformations, in the Nordics !
We now have ‘permission’ to improve our individual skills, to build up the competences we personally feel would help us evolve. You are encouraged to learn and grow (at work!). This working model organizes our ways of working into 70% ‘business as usual’, 20% improving operations and continuous improvement, and 10% building up new competences and learning and growing as humans. Modern Working culture at its best.
OP Software Academy / DevOps Academy
We have an internal coaching organization which is educating our people to enable our Teams towards AWS and cloud, towards helping teams achieve a higher pace of releases. We have a growing concentration on quality and cybersecurity, reducing capabilities of impact time, automating wherever possible, faster experimentations. This group is a driving force for engineering and DevOps, which continues to increase steadily.
Our culture has responded incredibly well to today’s global chaos. From ways of working to well-being, our Agile organization and empathetic leadership accommodates the uncertainty with support, and vigor. Our virtual teams and home offices blend well with how strict we are with limiting visits to our office, to be sparse, and distanced. And interviewing and hiring too, has continued with the same pace and level of professionalism as before.


The Team and Tribe:
CMCX (Customer Experience of Payment Transactions)
We build transaction services for all of our customers as well as modern transaction tools for our corporate clients. Earlier this year we launched a new cash management system for our corporate clients, which was the single most significant launch of the year within the corporate banking area. Naturally we make sure these services and tools are further developed after the first launch.


You will get to join an experienced team, where the ways of working are aligned with DevOps and Scrum. The services and tools we work with are mostly built using Java, React, and TypeScript, and we operate in an AWS environment. All of our team members also test the code they write themselves, using Robot Framework.


The traditional finance industry, and transaction methods in general are rapidly transforming. Our goal is to be a major enabler of this change. Wouldn’t you like to develop solutions that affect the everyday lives of millions of Finns?


The job:
You will be coding, coding, coding (and coding some more). You’ll be creating new features, modeling part of one created inside, which is part of a business customer portal. You’ll be building a pretty modern tool actually, which is used by lots and lots of people. You will work on creating a UI, you’ll create backend services using modern REST APIs. You’ll create microservices in AWS. Beyond straight up coding in Java and React, you will naturally be the go-to mentor for some other pretty experienced developers. This is a full on DevOps environment, so we expect you to know what to do.
Requirements: Agile, Java, React, TypeScript, Jenkins and Robot Framework (or some other test automation tool), DevOps mindset, English skills


Bonus skills: Knowledge of REST APIs, Experience in an AWS environment, Working proficiency in Finnish


Please apply with your English CV and cover letter asap, as we will interview and hire the best person without delay! You will have a phone screen with a recruiter, you’ll take a few online coding tests, then a Teams interview with our two hiring managers. You will next have a team Teams interview, followed by the traditional online / background assessments, then offer discussion and victory parade. (Before signing the final job contract, we will carry out credit reference and security clearance checks, drug screening and an occupational healthcare survey. We manage billions of your hard-earned money, so naturally we need to thoroughly investigate each new potential employee.)


Thanks for your time! Good luck! We look forward to meeting you.







Job Segment: Developer, Java, Engineer, Security Clearance, Information Technology, Technology, Engineering, Government