Business management

OP offers demanding duties to business management professionals capable of developing business in the face of the financial-sector transformation and digitisation. In this field, we offer positions at the executive and manager level as well as strategic analyst duties.

A management position requires you to be able to take forward large schemes, look firmly into future and develop new business. You believe in reinvention and in the world’s best customer experience. You understand OP’s nature as a cooperative business and want to build a career in Finland’s most exciting diversified company.

Management and leadership at OP

OP’s management culture aims to pave the way for people to excel at work. Creating a spirit of reinvention by setting an example, we want to continuously build OP employees’ competences. We are confident that work is steered by OP’s core values rather than by supervisors. Positive atmosphere and actions guided by core values lay the foundations for superior customer experience. OP’s management and leadership can be seen in social media, as enthusiastic employees and as a visionary attitude.

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