Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management services offer a variety of savings and investment alternatives for our customers’ varying needs, ranging from savings funds to comprehensive Private Banking and Institutional Customer services. We have wealth management summer jobs for investment service advisors, analyst trainees, fund assistants and back office and middle office staff.

As an investment service advisor, you will be responsible for investment services fluency and creating an excellent customer experience in our branch offices. We require investment advisors to have a passion for sales work and general securities qualification (APV-1).

As a summer employee in the analyst team, you will take part in creating customer material and market information. In addition to a suitable education, we are looking for a strong interest in both customer service and the equity market.

As a back office employee, your duties include customers’ daily back office tasks, the value calculation of funds or baskets assigned to you, or centralised securities trade and derivative processes. As a middle office employee, your duties include daily maintenance and pricing processes of securities data; corporate event processes; or investment limits.

Fund assistants are in charge of order processes related to funds, among other things. In addition to a suitable education, we expect you to have experience in securities. You also need to have theoretical and practical experience in investment instruments.

Career story

“For about four months, I worked in OP Financial Group’s Equity Sales & Execution and Equity Research business division, in the field of equity research. During the summer, I learned about an equity analysis as a member of the analyst team of nine people. The team provides target prices and investment recommendations to nearly 90 Finnish listed companies.

My duties included drafting equity research publications and material, writing market comments and financial performance reporting of international companies. In addition, I did background work supporting equity research by collecting, editing and analysing numerical data on companies and industries.

My summer traineeship was a great chance to learn about equity analysts’ work and to expand my understanding of how the bank’s equity research and trading services work. Because of my studies in economics and business administration and my interest in equity investment, I was familiar with research reports drawn up by analysts and with other written analysis. During the summer, I also got to witness what an important part of analysts’ work it is to keep in touch with professional investment clients in a more personal way, together with equity brokers. It was also very interesting to participate in companies’ earnings release events and investment events, because you could listen to corporate stories and meet other people working in the industry.

I can wholeheartedly recommend an equity research traineeship at OP to anyone interested in the industry. The summer will surely be an interesting chance to learn a lot in a meaningful workplace.”

Mikko, Analyst Trainee / Equity Sales & Execution and Equity Research