Other summer jobs

In addition to the above, we are seeking summer employees to work in versatile communications, data security and assistant positions, for example. Please specify in your application what kinds of jobs you are interested in.

Career story

“My summer job at OP exceeded all my expectations by offering a vast amount of new things to learn and an opportunity to apply into practice the things I had learned at school. The best thing about the work was networking and the benefits brought with it: my colleagues always helped me out and I was never left alone with a challenge.

My job was to assist with a range of projects, with conference and event arrangements, invoice processing and many other daily things that made the central cooperative machine run a bit more smoothly. Thanks to a wide range of jobs, I also learned about many IT applications and systems.

The positive work atmosphere made sure my work motivation was always high. OP encourages people to be proactive, to network, to share what you have learned and to take a leap into the unknown: Daring is the first step in learning something new. I warmly recommend you to apply for OP’s inspiring and motivating summer jobs!”

Ritva, assistant